"Moderate intensity seems to be optimal for increasing blood flow to the brain," Northey, who wasnrsquo;t involved in the study, said by email. "Increasing cerebral blood flow through exercise improves the health and function of the brain."Enjoyment, rather than intensity, should be the focus, said Dr. James Burke, of the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor VA."The best exercise is the one a person enjoys doing because he/she is more likely to make it a habit," Burke, who wasnrsquo;t involved in the study, said by email.Inactivity, meanwhile, can take a toll on health, said Sandra Billinger of Kansas University Medical Center in Kansas City."When we donrsquo;t exercise, our blood vessels become more stiff, we tend to gain weight, our lungs are not well flowmeters Suppliers used and our muscles become weak and lose size," Billinger, who wasnrsquo;t involved in the study, said by email.

To identify the players at the state and district level, it has been decided to widen the lsquo;Khelo-India Programmersquo;. Under this, 2,500 talented players have been selected, and are being trained. Now this facility will be provided to 2,500 new players every year.51. The sports infrastructure in the country will be modernised as well as expanded.A new system is being evolved to make available modern infrastructure and facilities to the players. It is our endeavour that our players win high accolades in the sports world and enhance the prestige of our country. Economic development plays the most vital role in improving the lives of our countrymen. Today India is among the fastest growing economies in the world. Inflation is low, fiscal deficit is under control, foreign exchange reserves are growing and the impact of Make In India is clearly visible. India is now on the way to become the worldrsquo;s 5thlargest economy in terms of GDP. To maintain the high growth rate, reform process will continue.

It is our objective to make India a 5-trillion dollar economy by 2024. Work is underway in full earnest to transform India into a Global Manufacturing Hub. Keeping in view Industry 4.0, a New Industrial Policy will be announced shortly. In lsquo;Ease of Doing Businessrsquo;, India has leap-frogged 65 positions during the past 5 years, from a ranking of 142 in 2014 to 77.Global tech companies plan to oppose new legislation in India that would require Facebook, PayPal and others to store user data in the country, arguing it will hurt investment and the business models of foreign and domestic firms.In July, a government panel recommended that all "critical personal data" should be processed in India, and presented a draft bill that could affect how global firms store customer data. Facebook, Mastercard and PayPal fear the new law, which follows similar measures in China and Vietnam, would increase their compliance and infrastructure costs, and affect planned investments.




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